Compelling Wellness Communications

Looking to bring your health education communications alive? Would your emails be more interesting with videos embedded? Trying to coordinate your website, blog and social media with strategically synchronized posts?

Engage Your Audience with Video

If your wellness portal is a little stagnant, I have nearly 100 short segments. (avg. 3 min) Here’s a favorite:

If your digital communications are being ignored, bring them alive with embedded video, like this:

Are you talking to yourself on your social media? Encourage conversation with thought provoking videos like this one:
I’ll even give you the discussion questions!

What if your employees / members had a personal trainer appear at their desk several times a day to prod them to stand up and take a short movement break? They can! One Minute Moves is a library of instructor-led exercises that can be done right at the desk – or actually anywhere! – in just 60 seconds! Stand up and try one yourself:

Of course we’re mobile! Move while you’re on the move!

A Higher Calling: After 30 years my passion hasn’t changed but my purpose has. Like everyone else, internal rewards are more rewarding to me than external. So my focus and intention is to use my content to raise awareness and funding for charitable causes. Fitness for Fundraising. Fitness for Fosters. Fitness for Freedom. My heart hurts over human trafficking, but if your group wants to offer classes, campaigns, competitions or quizzes to benefit your own favorite charity, I’m all in.

My message and mantra is Live Life Well. And that includes giving back.

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Watch another video or two:

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